The New H-1B Restrictions – What does it mean for Canadian tech firms?

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With the news of the United States recently extending a pause on some green cards and suspended visas for other foreign workers until the end of 2020 in addition to the travel bans issued on various countries – these new rules will impact approximately a half a million, with the hardest-hit industry being in the tech industry. 

The majority of the tech firms employing high-skilled IT workers are worried that this will slow down innovations in the IT field and in turn impact the country’s already plagued economy due to the spread of the pandemic.

As a result of these job market uncertainties, talented professionals are now preferring to move to countries like Canada where immigration is encouraged rather than discouraged. This upward trend has been growing steadily since 2013 and more so due to the stringent rules imposed by the US Government.

IT companies are noticing this trend and in order to keep up with their hiring demands are opening offices in Canada to tap into the Canadian talent pool. Meanwhile, many businesses in the US are complaining that they are unable to find enough qualified candidates to fill their job openings and thus are partnering with Canadian tech vendors for implementing IT projects.

The result? The tech industry across Canada is booming and conditions for accelerating technology innovations are highly in favour of Canada.

As the Canadian economy is slowly opening up Canadian tech firms are very much poised to fill in the talent gap across North America through contracts and partnerships to help drive the transformation that industry needs.

At Eclipsys, we are ready to answer the call for the higher demand coming from across the border in all facets of :

  • Data Orchestration including digital transformations
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Operationalization of AI and ML (MLOPS/AIOPS) 
  • Data Pipeline Automations

Our team is highly skilled, certified, security cleared and all located within Canada. Are you looking for a partner to help fill the gap left with the loss of your IT resources? Looking for an efficient way to augment your team with nearshore resources? We are able to provide services in a flexible, efficient and affordable manner to help drive your business forward in these changing times.

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