Strengthening Database Security with Oracle Data Safe

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Protecting sensitive information is always important. Nowadays, with a greater and greater risk of attack, safeguarding sensitive data is a top priority for all organizations, regardless of industry. However, navigating database security is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of rules and regulations (not to mention the technical competency to implement them). At Eclipsys, many of our clients have been asking about Oracle Data Safe. If you’re like me, you probably don’t know a lot about Data Safe. We’ll dive into this below, but the quick pitch is that Data Safe is a comprehensive solution designed to offer a practical solution for managing data vulnerabilities.

Oracle Data Safe offers you a suite of tools that identify, classify, and safeguard sensitive data stored within your Oracle databases. Some features, like data discovery, classification, and encryption, will help you mount a defense against unauthorized access, data breaches, and compliance lapses. Data Safe also supports your following of the rules and regulations that govern data security (such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, to name a few). These rules can be confusing and challenging to follow but Data Safe makes this easier by automating large pieces of the compliance process. It also hides sensitive info without changing its quality, making it easy to adhere to rules.

An added complication comes when trying to handle security for databases in different locations. But once again, Oracle has our back. Data Safe gives you one central place to manage security. This makes it simpler to set and check security rules, see what users are doing, and manage security problems within the databases. Finding and fixing these security issues quickly is critical to avoiding cyber-attacks. Data Safe regularly looks for problems and even offers advice on how to fix them. Dealing with issues early makes your security stronger and helps to make your data safer.

Doing security jobs like finding data or checking what users are up to by hand, takes so much time and effort that it’s simply not feasible for most organizations. But once again, this is something Data Safe can help you automate. This simultaneously improves your data security and gives time back to your databases and security team; allowing them to focus on bigger, more important projects.

Overall, Oracle Data Safe is valuable for anyone managing Oracle databases. Whether you’re on-premise, in the cloud, or somewhere in between, Data Safe boosts security, makes following rules simpler, speeds up work, and keeps databases safe.

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