Setup Alert Notification for EBS Stack Monitoring Targets

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This blog is the continuation of my previous blog where I set up the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Stack Monitoring and now I am going to set up alert notifications for discovered EBS Targets.

Here is the link to my previous blog.

OCI Stack Monitoring

To set up the alarm notification rule, we have to create an alarm. 

Go to OCI Console –> Observability and Management –> Monitoring –> Alarm Definition

and click on create alarm

Here I am going to set up the alarm for the “number of requests per minute” for one of the WebLogic Server.

So I am going to use the Metric “WebRequestRate”.

To see all metrics for all EBS discovered targets in stack monitoring please refer below link.

EBS Stack Monitoring Metric Reference

So Define alarm, you can give any name as per the metric you want to use.




Metric description, here I use metric name = Web Request Rate



Metric dimension, here I use the “Domain Admin Server” name but the metric dimension is optional if you won’t specify it will use all WebLogic servers in the stack and apply metrics on all.



Then the trigger rule…



Before setting up this value… I went to the target in Stack Monitoring and click on performance in resources > go to charts



Check the Web Request Rate Chart to see the value. (This will help in setting up trigger rule value), so I saw high value is currently 343.3 ops/min. (That’s why I set up trigger for > 200 to get an alert)



Now choose the alarm notification, that we set up for alerts



Finally, enable the alarm and save it.




Once Alarm is fired, you can see the alarm status.



Also, we will get an email notification, something like this…



Thanks for reading!

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