The Real Value of Using a Managed Service

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By Christine Kivi

Director, Database and Managed Services – Eclipsys Solutions Inc.

Managed Services have been around for a long time but have definitely evolved and with that evolution comes real value.

According to CompuBase data from 2017 there are over 35,000 Managed Service Providers in North and Latin America.  That is a crazy number – but it really speaks to the fact that Managed Services is here to stay.  I have worked delivering Managed Services since I started as a DBA in 1998.  At that time being so new to both IT and Managed Services I could not really understand where the real value was.  20 years later it is as obvious to me as the grey in my hair.

Recruiting and retaining motivated IT experts is not a simple or inexpensive task, especially when you are not in the IT business.  If you do not have a Senior Database Administrator on staff how can you truly know an applicant’s level of expertise?  And if you hire that Senior DBA, how do you ensure they stay knowledgeable in their field and keep motivated to ensure your organization is using technology effectively?  Couple this with the pressures of 24×7 support and you have a difficult problem on your hands.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) alleviate these concerns and issues.  An MSP can effectively solve:

  • How to effectively support your environment 24×7 without burnout or implications to uptime
  • Recruiting and retention challenges
  • Problems managing variable IT costs
  • How to keep your IT resources trained in the latest technology
  • Reduction of the number of incidents

In effect, Managed Services allows a business to focus on how technology can support the business rather than on supporting the IT organization itself. And in the 2017 competitive landscape, having even just that little bit more FOCUS on your business goals is a necessary competitive advantage and the REAL value of a Managed Service.

What would you be able to accomplish with more technological support? Partner with Eclipsys and you no longer have to imagine the possibilities!


At Eclipsys Solutions, we provide peace of mind for the end to end support of your Oracle environment.  Our experts are leaders in their field and we can enable businesses to achieve the maximum business value from their Oracle investment.

For more information on our full suite of Managed Service offerings, please reach out to me

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