Post OpenWorld Thoughts – Key Take Aways

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By Christine Kivi
Director, Database and Managed Services – Eclipsys Solutions Inc.

I spent last week attending Oracle Open World with 10 of my team mates. The week was a fabulous opportunity to connect with Oracle representatives, customers and partners. I have returned ready to attack the cloud and start to examine Oracle 18c and the Autonomous Database. This is an exciting prospect for customers and services providers such as Eclipsys. A database that self-drives, self-scales and self-repairs is an exciting addition to the marketplace.

Automation is the key to delivering value quickly and efficiently and Oracle seems to have answered the call. The Database and Managed Services team at Eclipsys will be waiting patiently for the release of the Data Warehouse Cloud 18c database to be available so we can provide our customers with first-hand knowledge and details on how the product delivers on some of the key promises of automation, guaranteed uptime of four 9s plus industry leading performance and instant elasticity. All key features that customers want from their cloud providers.

The other big take away from OOW17 is that the role of the DBA is changing. Although this might be a frightening prospect for some of us, I believe it is a truly positive change for this key role in IT. If Larry’s 18c database delivers as promised, DBAs will now have time for strategic projects, for leading their organizations to better and faster cloud services and for architecting better designed databases to manage the increased load we will see in our environments.

My final takeaway from OOW17 is that we need to all keep our eye on Security. As we move our workloads to the cloud we need to ensure that we have the right security features enabled and configured to safeguard our data. Data is a strategic asset for every company and DBAs need to maintain the proper security controls with Oracle Advanced Features to ensure that it is protected.

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