Oracle Database 23ai is Here!

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Oracle is here with their latest version of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) Technology – Developer edition/release. This allows Developers and DBAs (Database Administrators) across the globe to test the latest features and functionalities and plan their strategy for future releases.

Oracle Database 23ai is going to be the next long-term release after 19c, it would be great to get a head start and get to know more about this release version.

Oracle has provided us with a built-in Virtual Machine with the 23ai edition software installed, we can use that to test our database.




Here are the steps to download the VM set and install it without the hassles of manually creating a Linux VM and installing the software.


1.) Download the Oracle Virtual Box Software (If already present, proceed to step 2) — Select the Windows Installer version.


oracle23c 2



2.) Download the Virtual Machine Image


oracle23c 3


Proceed to initiate the download

oracle23c 4


Provide Oracle Account Login Details to Start the Download


3.) Install the Oracle VM Virtual Box and proceed to Import the Image File

  1. Click on File → Import Appliance and select the downloaded Oracle_Database_23c_Free_Developer_Appliance.ova file


oracle23c 5


Provide the Path and Select “Agree” and being the import


oracle23c 6


Once the Virtual Machine is installed, click on start→ Normal Start


oracle23c 7


The Machine Loads with all preset configurations and it also has readme files to list all the database details as follows.


oracle23c 8


Click on the Sqlcli utility which opens a new session, provides the password to the schema, and begins exploring.


oracle23c 9

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