Oracle Audit Vault – 20.4 – Part 4 – Enable Auditing

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audit vault

As security is a major concern in the current data era, many organizations invest colossal sums of money to be on top of the compliance scores. AVDF  (Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall) is a greater tool to provide out-of-the-box compliance reports. These reports can be schedulable, customized reporting for regulations such as GDPR, PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, IRS 1075, SOX, and UK DPA. This reports aggregate network events and audit data from the monitored systems.

Now we will focus on setting up the policies using AVDF. The AVDF is a very powerful tool and we can use this tool to get proactive security measurements for databases.

To configure the audit we need to log in as super audit users which we have configured earlier.

audit vault 2

Now navigate the policies tab and enable the User Activity/Auditing and add respective users that need to be monitored.

For this example, I have added CHANAKA and HR users.

audit vault 3

After enabling the capturing of these schema data will be visible in the dashboard.

audit vault 4

This UI (user interface) gives us the flexibility to click the bar graphs to see what data is getting captured for analysis.

audit vault 5

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