Oracle 23ai: Quick Overview

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Oracle Database 23ai

  • Oracle Database 23ai is the next long-term support release of Oracle Database
  • It brings AI to your data with the addition of AI Vector search to Oracle’s Relational Database


The difference between Oracle Database 23c and Oracle Database 23ai

  • Oracle Database 23c is renamed as Database 23ai following the importance of AI technology in this release
  • Oracle Database 23ai is version and will be referred to as moving forward


Why should you upgrade to Oracle Database 23ai?

  • Oracle Database 23ai offers five years of premium support and three years of extended support
  • Oracle Database 19c premier support ends on April 30, 2024, and while Oracle waived the additional fees for Extended Support from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2026, Extended Support will end on April 30, 2027, giving you a longer support overlap with Oracle Database 23ai. (Oracle Database Release MOS Doc ID 742060.1)

  • Oracle Database 23ai unifies the relational and document data models to provide the best of both data models worlds in one database with the addition of JSON Relational Duality Views. So instead of using two separate databases (relational and non-relational databases), developers can operate on the same underlying data as either JSON documents, using standard document APIs, or as relational, using standard SQL. To learn more.
  • Oracle Database 23ai introduces the AI Vector Search feature. It is the capability, that stores and searches the semantic content of documents, images, and other unstructured data as vectors and use these to run fast similarity queries. A vector is a popular data structure used in AI applications. Oracle AI Vector Search allows you to generate, store, index, and query vector embeddings along with other business data, using the full power of SQL. To learn more
  • Oracle Database 23ai offers faster database processing compared with previous database releases
  • In addition to more than 300 new features compared to previous database releases such as SQL Firewall and True Cache


Upgrade from a previous version to Oracle Database 23ai

  • Oracle provides a direct database upgrade path from Oracle Database 19c and 21c to Oracle Database 23ai
  • All other versions of the database need to upgrade to 19c or 21c versions, and then to 23ai
  • The specific upgrade process may vary depending on the current version and configuration of your particular Oracle Database deployment


Oracle Database 23ai Free Trial

  • Oracle offers free trials for Oracle Database 23ai through:
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Autonomous Database Free Tier
    • Oracle Database 23ai Free is available for download as a Linux RPM file, an Oracle Linux-based Docker image, or Oracle Virtual Box VM. To get free Oracle 23ai
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