Oracle 19.3 Database Home Patched to 19.11 RU

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This blog shows step-by-step how to install/set up a new Oracle 19.3 home and apply the 19.11 release update together.


1. Download and unzip 19.3.0 into its new Oracle Home, link below


2. Remove the OPatch directory and unzip the newest OPatch into the new Oracle Home ( or later)


3. Download and unzip 19.11.0 into a totally separate subdirectory (Patch 32545008 – GI Release Update

32545008 – Contains patches for both Grid/DB Home, If the installation is standalone apply only 32545013 from the downloaded patches.

4. Download and unzip OJVM Patch 32399816 into a different subdirectory


5. Apply the patches on the new home – There are 2 methods that can be used,

5.1 Apply the Patch directly onto the home during the initial setup using “ApplyRU” or after the Database Home software is installed, apply using “OPatch”.

Using ApplyRU

5.1.1 Unzip file.

5.1.2 Setup of Oracle Home

$ ./runInstaller –ApplyRU path/32545013

This will apply the DB RU onto the home and start the GUI post the patch application.

5.2 Using OPatch – Once the DB Home is installed, we apply the RU on top of the installed home.

Read me of the Patch Document:

5.2.1 Run pre-check to see if the patches conflict with the installed home binaries.

% $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/32545008/32545013

5.2.2 For database home, as Home User:

  • Create file /tmp/patch_list_dbhome.txt with the following content:
% cat /tmp/patch_list_dbhome.txt
  • Run OPatch command to check if enough free space is available in the database home:
% $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch prereq CheckSystemSpace -phBaseFile /tmp/patch_list_dbhome.txt

The command output reports pass and fail messages as per the system space availability:

  • If OPatch reports Prereq “checkSystemSpace” failed., then clean up the system space as the required amount of space is not available.

  • If OPatch reports Prereq “checkSystemSpace” passed., then no action is needed. Proceed with patch installation.

5.2.3 For a single instance host, shut down all instances and listeners associated with the Oracle Home.

Set your current directory to the directory where the patch is located and run below

cd <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/32545008/32545013
opatch apply


6. Run the Datapatch post the patch apply

./datapatch -verbose


Apply OJVM April 2021 Patch set on top of Oracle 19.11 RU applied.

  1. Download the following patch from Oracle Support

  2. Read me file for the Patch.

2. Once the Db is patched and up to the current 19.11 RU update apply the OJVM patchset.

3. Unzip 32399816 patch

4. Run Pre-check for any conflicts with Installed home.

$ cd <PATCH_TOP_DIR>/32399816
$ opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -ph ./

5. Apply Patches

5.1 Set your current directory to the directory where the patch is located and then run the OPatch utility by entering the following commands:

$ cd <PATCH_TOP_DIR>/32399816
opatch apply

From 19c onwards, we don’t need to start the database in upgrade mode to apply the Datapatch, D should be up and can be run from any one instance (In case of RAC)

./datapatch -verbose
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