Difference between collecting intelligence and connecting intelligence

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Last week I attended the Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego. The content was rich and nicely weaved the concept of #connectedintelligence throughout the sessions. This concept of moving from collecting intelligence to connecting intelligence really hit home for me. At Eclipsys, we are working to augment our core set of services to help our customers transform their data into knowledge in order to drive better business decisions and more value. 

Sessions on data integration, AI, Cloud, Analytics and Digital Commerce were especially interesting to me. The learnings out of the sessions were pretty clear – things have never been more complex, nor has the rate of change moved so fast.  IT leaders and IT professionals need to be ready for this changing world. I spoke with some customers at the conference who not only wanted to augment their learning of the future trends so they could make better business decisions, but they wanted to be able to provide their teams with the right information so that their skills were still viable.

With the move to the cloud and edge computing, the role of the IT professional is changing. This change will be hard for some to accept, but as leaders, we can help them find new and exciting ways to apply their skills and talents to the ever-changing IT landscape. 

I recently read an article on how automation was taking away people’s jobs. This is short-sighted in my opinion. Automation is really paving the way for new and exciting opportunities for people. Automation in the world of IT and data management sets the stage for our teams to learn new skills to help move us from a place of collecting intelligence to connecting intelligence.

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