If You Build It They Will Come

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I recently attended an Oracle Partner event and a comment that was made really resonated with me:
“The cloud is built, not bought”.

What does this mean? Well, anyone can use the cloud instead of their own data center to house their workloads, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The real benefit of the cloud is how you can take your data, the workloads around it, and your processes and evolve them. The shift to the cloud can bring real tangible benefits of improved performance, flexibility, reduced cost, and reliability. More importantly, though, it can enable a business to embrace agility and build upon the current skills in their organization. This requires a shift in thinking and operating. The adoption of agile methodologies including DevOps, Cloud Native application development, and self-service will provide a faster time to market but also provide further cost reductions to IT.

This was a prominent theme in our recent CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Audit. Not only did we need to show evidence of our processes and procedures to provide excellently managed services to our customers in the cloud, but we also had to demonstrate our capabilities in ensuring our customers could take full advantage of the tangible benefits of the cloud. Eclipsys has made this shift from operating to building and we can help our customers move from managing activities to focusing on outcomes. With this shift of focus, you can start to capture the real advantage of the cloud. As an Oracle CSP, we can help with that journey.

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