Investment in Scalable and Agile Analytics Platforms for Deeper Insights

Analytics is fast shifting gears from an IT-led system of record operational reporting to business-led, self-service analytics. This transition requires investment in scalable and agile analytics platforms for deeper insights into diverse data sources.

Eclipsys can help you modernize your data warehouse and analytics with flexible cloud and on-prem architectures, and the latest technologies.

Drive your business with data – Integrate, curate and analyze

Data in siloes is good for nothing except for daily reporting needs. There is a trove of information lying in your data which you could use for your strategic business decisions. It is time to unlock the value in your legacy data stores our data engineering processes specially catered to your needs.

Our Data Modernization Approach

The Eclipsys way of data modernization provides quick wins and very tangible outcomes. We design and implement the data architectures with prioritized data governance options at each step, thus enabling an easy data democratization and re-usability process.

We provide cloud, on-site or hybrid solutions built-in with security, scalability and flexibility based on your needs.

We start with prioritized business use cases and governance priorities and then go on to do a current state assessment and gap analysis.
  • We design an end-state architecture with in-built data governance.
  • We provide quick setup and implementation cycles with the shortest time to market.
  • Our tried and tested agile approach is the future proof and we aim for flexibility and continuous improvement for optimum performance.
Our Expertise

We are experts at Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, CosmosDB, Oracle Autonomous data warehouse, ExaCC, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Spanner, Hadoop and can also help carry out complete data migrations and implement batch and real-time ingestion cycles using tools like Talend, Equalum, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Streams, AWS Kinesis, Azure Data Factory, Azure Event Hub, Google Dataflow, Pentaho, Diyotta, Kafka and Spark. We also provide on-prem or hybrid cloud solutions as per your needs and preferences.

Data Modernization


This whitepaper details the recommended architecture and approach we took for moving and storing disperse set of massive data from internal and external systems with tried and tested data processing methods, and made it transferrable to users, machine learning and Business Intelligence (BI) Systems.

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