BYOP… Bring your own Platform or perhaps “Pizza” in some circles

So I think I’m suppose to say something really provocative regarding the current IT industry landscape. Well, how about some predictions based on real customer observations and what I believe are common sense solutions… I promise my readers to stick to these two suppositions for all future blogs.

I believe it is now part of our cultural heritage that every employee has the choice to use his or her mobile device as their primary communication device. However, it wasn’t long ago that both Public sector and Private Sector employers issued to their employees a company owned mobile device. The primary reasons: security concerns and better perceived economics of pooling cellular plans. Despite predictions of some mobile device mfg execs at the time (“Apple has just one product, we have a portfolio. One size doesn’t fit all.” Eat your heart out Jim Balsillie, June 2012.) what was once an IT function to manage a large inventory of mobile devices is now all but for Government exceptions only a faint memory for most workers. So what happened…. Knowledge based economy puts the power into the hands of the knowledge workers who are looking for tools to more effectively deliver results. The beauty of the free markets is the ability for new competitors to enter who in turn produced a wide range of new mobile devices with a variety of features and functionalities. Knowledge workers selected the devices and plans that best met their job requirements and employers declared a B-Y-O-D bring your own device policy to leverage this new found productivity.

So here is where I make a prediction based on the availability of numerous new Cloud offerings (I will be releasing a blog soon on Cloud it should be a beauty… I got to say “beauty” twice in one blog!). Lines of Business owners will select cloud PAAS services over their internal IT services. Similar to the BYOD phenomenon LOBs are attributing Cloud offerings as providing for their programs better-cost predictability, quicker time to market, and more delivery options i.e delivering better results.  The more progressive CIOs and IT Directors realize they are now competing with Cloud providers for the platform and are realizing there are no sacred cows. When I first started my career in IT I was at Sun (we were the good guys) I was told, “Unix administrators are the prima-donnas of the Data Center” and now I think Virtualization and Storage administrators are the prima-donnas. These administrators form factions within the IT organization constantly attempting to steer the discussion into the weeds on why virtualization is the be all and end all and sounds very similar to “As nice as the Apple iPhone is, it poses a real challenge to its users. Try typing a web key on a touchscreen on an Apple iPhone, that’s a real challenge. You cannot see what you type.” – Balsillie, November 2007”. You’re missing the point. The world of IT is evolving and in many boardrooms team members are saying to each other “Hey did you invite IT to this project kick off meeting? No for this project we’re going B-Y-O-P bring your own platform and will run our App directly in the Oracle cloud…can’t afford to wait for IT”.  I predict BYOP will become the new normal practice for LOBs and they will only turn to IT when security and privacy mandates trumps the business benefits of cloud.

OK now you know that if someone says BYOP it doesn’t mean a pizza party…  just don’t tell anyone in IT.


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