Eclipsys Journey to Cloud: Optimize IT Infrastructure with Proven Price and Performance

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Eclipsys delivers industry-leading performance along with the pricing simplicity and transparency that customers desire.

Among the many “as a service” offerings that have emerged in the cloud computing era, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are among the most widely adopted.

IaaS offers hardware infrastructure components on which companies can deploy their corporate software and workloads, whereas PaaS provides a full-stack environment containing the core hardware and software elements required for different tasks.

Growing numbers of companies have migrated some or all of their on-premises IT infrastructure deployments to IaaS and PaaS cloud environments and are realizing a range of benefits as a result.

Among the many benefits: Are anywhere/anytime access, open-ended scalability, infrastructure flexibility, rapid deployment, and shorter time to market.

Although cloud economics can be compelling in theory, many companies have found it difficult in practice to anticipate and manage their actual cloud costs. In fact, in a recent IDG survey of more than 530 IT and business decision-makers, 40% of the respondents identified controlling costs as their top public cloud challenge.


Eclipsys delivers the economic benefits companies seek, along with unparalleled service performance, utilization, and security.

Part of the challenge in determining and optimizing cost efficiencies is that cloud cost structures and pricing tools vary considerably among the major cloud providers. Furthermore, some providers charge different prices for services based in different geographic regions, as well as data ingress and egress into and out of the cloud, and data storage.

Oracle was determined to address economic as well as functional demands when it designed its cloud.  It architected Oracle Cloud to minimize variable, hard-to-predict costs; provide service and billing flexibility, and offer industry-leading price/performance and business value.

Eclipsys augments the Oracle Cloud by deploying an all-Canadian team to install, maintain and manage the full stack of Oracle technologies including 24×7 support; upgrades, migrations, and patches; and custom architectures for client cloud roadmaps.  

With Oracle Cloud, Eclipsys knew that it needed to provide more than just cutting-edge cloud functionality, it had to price its services in a way that delivered unmatched price/performance metrics while making it easy for customers to manage and adjust the cloud configuration and its associated expenses.

Beyond cost transparency, Oracle Cloud offers customers the choice of three billing models:

  • Pay As You Go– Services are billed in arrears, based on consumption, making this option the best for organizations trying new services, performing rapid prototyping, or desiring elastic price scaling for dynamic business environments
  • Universal Credits/Monthly Flex– credits are purchased in advance with a 12-month minimum contract term. This model, suitable for customers with predictable production workloads or long-running applications, provides maximum cost reduction and predictable monthly spending along with the flexibility to use any IaaS or PaaS service.
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL)– Customers can bring their existing on-premise license entitlements for Oracle Database and Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud. This option enables them to migrate to the cloud at a reduced cost and protect existing on-premise support contracts.

With Eclipsys, customers routinely realize significant price/performance advantages over on-premise deployments and other cloud providers.

To learn more about how Eclipsys can lower costs, provide more flexibility, and deliver industry-leading price/performance, go to

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