Copy files to Oracle OCI cloud object storage from command line

This blog post is bit longer than usual but I wanted to cover at least three options to upload files to the Oracle OCI object storage. If you need to just upload one file you can stop reading after the first option since it covers probably most of needs to upload a single file. But… read more

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure multi-factor authentication

For some time we didn’t have a multi-factor authentication in the Oracle cloud and those short-lived numeric codes were one of the best way to reinforce your protection and prevent a bad actor to break your credentials. It is not 100% protection but it is well better than a username and a password. Just recently… read more


Originally posted on October 18, 2017 by Erik Benner, Vice President, Enterprise Transformation, Mythics Inc. Read the original post here: Thank you to Erik and our friends at Mythics for allowing us to re-post this! ________________________________________________ “A LIE CAN RUN ROUND THE WORLD BEFORE THE TRUTH HAS GOT ITS BOOTS ON.” –TERRY PRATCHETT, THE TRUTH Recently there have… read more