From The DBA Perspective: Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld 2017

Again this year Oracle OpenWorld was packed with too many keynotes, sessions and activities to choose from. In my very first blog post, I would like to talk about my personal favorites. Oracle OpenWorld 5k Run: Every year on Sunday morning, the SQL Developer team championed by Jeff Smith invites the community to run/walk/jog across… read more


Originally posted on October 18, 2017 by Erik Benner, Vice President, Enterprise Transformation, Mythics Inc. Read the original post here: Thank you to Erik and our friends at Mythics for allowing us to re-post this! ________________________________________________ “A LIE CAN RUN ROUND THE WORLD BEFORE THE TRUTH HAS GOT ITS BOOTS ON.” –TERRY PRATCHETT, THE TRUTH Recently there have… read more

Post OpenWorld Thoughts – Key Take Aways

By Christine Kivi Director, Database and Managed Services – Eclipsys Solutions Inc. I spent last week attending Oracle Open World with 10 of my team mates. The week was a fabulous opportunity to connect with Oracle representatives, customers and partners. I have returned ready to attack the cloud and start to examine Oracle 18c and… read more

World’s First ‘Autonomous Database’ Set to Make It’s Debut at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

During a live webcast on Tuesday and just a day after Amazon Web Services introduced per-second pricing for its cloud Larry Ellison announces Oracle will sell everything at the same price as Amazon and that Oracle’s Cloud will also cost customers half as much because, “we (Oracle) are twice as fast as Amazon,” said Ellison. And… read more

The Real Value of Using a Managed Service

By Christine Kivi Director, Database and Managed Services – Eclipsys Solutions Inc. Managed Services have been around for a long time but have definitely evolved and with that evolution comes real value. According to CompuBase data from 2017 there are over 35,000 Managed Service Providers in North and Latin America.  That is a crazy number – but… read more