Oracle Virtual Machine OVM Series Part 1 Getting started with OVMCLI Command Line Interface

Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Series Part 1: Getting started with OVMCLI

Intro I have been introduced to Oracle OVM rather accidentally. I was more familiar with the traditional VMware or Hyper-V… Read more

Interview with Oracle FPP and Principle Product Manager Ludovico Caldara

An interview with Oracle FPP and Principle Product Manager, Ludovico Caldara

I want to thank Ludovico Caldara [FPP & Cloud MAA Product Manager @Oracle] for accepting the publication of this interview… Read more

Oracle 19c Database when creating Pluggable Database on Premise

ORA-00600 [KPDBHASHTABLEINS:DUP] When Creating PDB in 19C

This week I was involved in an issue with a QA pluggable database refresh that is critical to business, where after the PDB… Read more

Oracle Cloud at Customer - Exadata

Exadata Cloud at Customer – Free space in ASM and adding a new Database

Some time ago I wrote a short blog about dependencies between the number of enabled CPUs and how many databases you could… Read more

Upgrading Terraform Command Line To The Latest Version

Upgrading Terraform command line to the latest version

Some time ago I updated my Terraform command line tool to the version 0.15.3 and was surprised by how easy it went. Originally… Read more

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Linux Hugepages and AUTO_ONLY in Oracle 19c

Most Oracle DBAs (Database Administrators) are sufficiently educated about the benefits of using large memory pages… Read more