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My Corrected OCI IAM Compartment Terraform Module

My Corrected OCI-IAM-Compartment Terraform Module

Introduction So, turns out I’ve been living in the Stone Age of Terraform. I thought keeping my code lean and mean… Read more

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Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Certification Takeaways

Introduction In my journey into multi-cloud, I started a ritual where I’d write about each certification I pass (GCP, Hashicorp)… Read more

Azure VM Selection Made Easy A Script Identifying Best Constrained CPU VMs for High MemoryLow CPU Workload

Azure VM Selection Made Easy: A Script Identifying Best Constrained CPU VMs for High Memory/Low CPU Workload

Introduction Are you struggling to find the most Cost-Effective Azure VMs for Database Workloads or any high memory low… Read more

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Terraform Tips: How to Recover Your Deployment From a Terraform Apply Crash

– “Because sh*t happens, be ready for when it does!” — Introduction Infrastructure Automation is a lifesaver… Read more

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ZDM Troubleshooting Part 4: NONCDBTOPDB_CONVERSION Fails (GUID conflicts with existing PDB)

Introduction Every time I think I’m done with my ZDM (Zero Downtime Migration) troubleshooting series, a new topic pops… Read more

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What’s ODABR Snapshot and How to efficiently use it to Patch ODA from 18.x to 19.x

Introduction Although most of the focus, nowadays, has shifted to migration of on-premises workloads into the Cloud,… Read more

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